Чит коды на Marvel vs. Capcom 2 (PS3)

Bonus characters:
Defeat Abyss in Score Attack mode to unlock the characters on the left and right
side of the screen in the "?" boxes.

Abyss' first stage:
Defeat Abyss with any time limit in Arcade and Score Attack modes to unlock his
first stage in Training and Versus modes.

Change team order:
The order of your fighters will appear before a versus match, with "1", "2", or
"3". You can select the first and second fighter's of your team, and thus change
the entire team order. To select the first fighter, press LP + LK for the
character marked "1", MP + MK for the character marked "2", or HP + HK for the
character marked "3". Then, press the same button combos to select the second
fighter. Press Start to continue.

Multiple character selection:
Unlock all characters and costumes to unlock the ability to select the same
character three times. For example, player one could choose three Charlie's and
the other player could also chose three Charlie's.

Evil Sakura and Zhangfei:
Press Down, Down/Left, Left, Back, LK. They will have the same moves plus extra.
For example, if you do Sakura's first special, instead of her doing her combo
she will do a special beam like Ryu.

Cheaper hidden fighters:
Exit and enter the shop screen until the price of the hidden fighters are lower.

Change clock in background:
To change the time of the clock in the background of the clock level, simply
change the system time.

Easy wins:
Go to the options screen, and change the difficulty to "1" and set the damage
meter all the way up. This works very well on the final stage.

Easy points:
You can get ten points a minute if you go to Training mode, choose a character
and opponent, then leave the game on for about five hours. Note: Do not pause
the game.

Plug in a second controller, go to options, change the time to 30 seconds, and
turn up the damage. Go to Versus mode, turn the handicap down on controller two,
and fight. You will get 100 points for each match.
To get easy points in Arcade mode, fight up to Abyss on any difficulty on high
damage. Your best difficulty setting is recommended. Once at Abyss,
intentionally die on purpose multiple times. Continue, then die again. You will
get 100 points every time a continue is used. When you finally defeat Abyss, you
will also get 50 points times the difficulty setting.

Defeating blocking opponents:
Select Cable as your first character with Dr. Doom with Anti-Air Assist as your
partner. Keep using Cable's Pistol and Dr. Doom's Assist move at the same time.
Your opponent's life gauge will decrease.
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