Чит коды на Lost Planet 2 (PS3)

Slot machine passwords:
Enter one of the following passwords to unlock the corresponding bonus:

Result Password
Unlock Frank West 83561942
Unlock Wesker 72962792 t-shirt (green) 25060016
Den Geki PlayStation t-shirt 40358056
Den Geki t-shirt (yellow) 96725729
Gemaga t-shirt 21899787 t-shirt (teal) 88020223
Monthly Game Japan t-shirt 52352345
Street Jack t-shirt (blue) 12887439
Weekly Playboy t-shirt (pink) 34297758

10,000 credit slot machine:
Unlock all items from the 2,000 credit slot machine to unlock the 10,000
credit slot machine, which has faction level-up awards that do not
require you having to level-up to unlock them.

Customized character in Campaign mode:
Successfully complete Campaign mode on any difficulty to unlock the
ability to use custom characters. Go to the character selection screen,
and press Square to toggle the option on or off.

Extreme mode:
Successfully complete the game on the Hard difficulty to unlock the
Extreme difficulty.

Plasma Gun II slashing beam:
Hold [Charge] until the Plasma Gun II is fully loaded, and a beam will
appear from the weapon. Press [Melee] to slash with the beam.

Special shield laser:
Get 2,000 Thermal energy, and equip a shield. Then, hold Start + Select
to shoot a massive laser.
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