Чит коды на Killzone 2 (PS3)

Elite mode:
Successfully complete Story mode to unlock the Elite difficulty.

Successfully complete the indicated task to get the corresponding Ribbon:

Air Support Specialist: Get five kills by air support.
Assassination Defend Specialist: Stay alive as an assassination target.
Assassination Kill Specialist: Kill one assassination target.
Body Count Specialist: Get 10% of the kills for your team in the "Body Count"
Boost Specialist: Perform five boosts.
C4 Specialist: Perform five kills with C4 explosives.
Capture and Hold Defend Specialist: Get ten mission points by capturing a
Cloak Specialist: Kill five enemies while cloaked.
Close Combat Specialist: Get ten kills by close combat melee.
Disguise Specialist: Kill five enemies while disguised.
Good Conduct: Get no team kills/suicides, and score at least 20 points.
Headshot Specialist: Get ten kills by headshots.
Healing Specialist: Heal five players.
Kill Count Specialist: Get ten kills in one round.
Repair Specialist: Repair five objects.
Revival Specialist: Successfully revive five players.
Search and Destroy Specialist: Have two objectives placed/disarmed.
Search and Retrieve Specialist: Have two objectives returned.
Sidearm Specialist: Get ten kills with pistols.
Sniper Specialist: Get ten kills with the sniper rifle.
Spawn Point Specialist: Have five players spawn in the placed area.
Spot and Mark Specialist: Spot and mark five players.
Turret Specialist: Get five kills with sentry turret placed.

Successfully complete the indicated task to earn the corresponding medal:

Aerial Supportive: 8x Air Support Specialist Ribbons; unlocks Combine
Tactician second Ability.
Army Superior Unit Award: 50x Clan matches won with Clan; unlocks 100,000
Assassins League: 5x Assassination Kill Specialist Ribbons; unlocks Increased
Points/Assassination Kills.
Black Belt: 5x Close Combat Specialist Ribbons; unlocks Increased Points/Melee
Bodyguard Alliance: 5x Assassination Defend Specialist Ribbons; unlocks
Increased Points per Survival.
Bomb Squad: 5x Search and Destroy Specialist Ribbons; unlocks Increased
Corpse Counters: 5x Body Count Specialist Ribbons; unlocks Increased
Points/Defensive Kills.
Defense Initiative: 5x Capture and Hold Defend Specialist Ribbons; unlocks
Increased Points/Defensive Kills.
Defensive Specialist Ribbons: 8x Turret Specialist Ribbons; unlocks second
Engineer Ability.
Example Soldier: 8x Good Conduct Ribbons; unlocks Increased Start Ammo Amount.

Rank bonuses:
Earn more points and get a higher "difference" score to unlock higher ranks and
their corresponding bonuses:

Corporal: 30 points, 30 difference; can create Squad option.
Sergeant: 100 point, 70 difference; can create Clan option.
Sergeant 1st Class: 200 points, 100 difference; unlocks Shotgun and SMG.
Master Sergeant: 350 points, 150 difference; unlocks Medic Badge.
Sergeant Major: 550 points, 250 difference; unlocks HGH and ISA LMG.
Lieutenant: 880 points, 250 difference; unlocks Engineer Badge.
Captain: 1,100 points, 300 difference; unlocks VC9 missile launcher.
Major: 1,450 points, 350 difference; unlocks Tactician Badge.
Colonel: 2,300 points, 450 difference; unlocks Saboteur Badge.
General: 2,800 points, 500 difference; unlocks Scout Badge.
Lieutenant-Colonel: 1,850 points, 400 difference; unlocks grenade launcher.

Return to last checkpoint:
While playing the game, hold R2 for several seconds to return to the last
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