Чит коды на Kane and Lynch: Dead Men (PS3)

Play as Kane in Fragile Alliance mode:
Reach rank 35 to unlock Kane in Fragile Alliance mode.
Play as Lynch in Fragile Alliance mode
Reach rank 30 to unlock Lynch in Fragile Alliance mode.

Decisions, Decisions:
There are two endings to this game and you get to pick them by moving your
player in the
right direction. After stopping the cargo plane and grabbing your super
daughter Jenny, Kane can choose to move towards the the helicopter OR the
Moving to the village will extend the game to its final chapter.

Freedom Fighters: Easy Completion:
When you are at the spot where you have to proceed to El Capacito, tell your
men to go
to the big pointy statue in the center and take cover. Then, proceed to
shoot down the
helicopter first before continuing. A few RPGs will be required before it
will go down.
If you run out of RPGs, go back to the previous spot where you had to shoot
the APC
vehicle to get more supplies.
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