Чит коды на James Bond 007: Blood Stone (PS3)

Easy "Five A Day" trophy:
Search the indicated locations to find a fruit bowl:

1. In Mission 1: Athens, the fruit bowl is at the beginning of the
level, on the table after taking down the second guard on the
boat. It is right next to where you shoot the boat for the "Greek
Tragedy" trophy.

2. In Mission 1: Athens, once you get to the pool area, go to the
right, and before crossing the bridge, look for the table in the
far right corner next to a cowering waiter.

3. In Mission 3: Monaco, after the section in a small courtyard
with one patrolling guard and two leaning guards, right next to
the area with the two guards with their backs to you is a door
which can be opened to find a piece of intelligence. Slightly
around the corner is a fruit bowl.

4. In Mission 5: Bangkok, after hitting a switch to open a rolling
fence door is a very tight alleyway with several enemies at the
end. Kill the enemies, then look on the right hand side next to
two small wooden baskets and a silver trash bin to find a fruit bowl.

Easy "Greek Tragedy" trophy:
In Mission 1: Athens, after taking down the first guard, go inside the
boat and along the corridor to takedown the second guard. Then, go out
onto the deck next to the table, and look out in the distance to the
left at the boat next to the cliffs. Shoot a couple of rounds into it to
get the "Greek Tragedy" trophy.
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