Чит коды на Hustle Kings (PS3)

Complete each requirement to receive the Trophies. There are 5 Bronze Trophies,
5 Silver Trophies, and 1 Gold Trophy.

Career Complete (Silver) - Complete career mode.
Career Victory (Bronze) - Win a career mode game.
Hustle King! (Gold) - Earn 100 million HKC hustling online.
License to Hustle (Bronze) - Complete training mode.
Luck is an Art (Silver) - Beat someone else who has this trophy.
Online Hustler (Bronze) - Hustle a player online.
Online King (Silver) - Win 100 online games.
Skill Player! (Silver) - Complete jump, swerve, bank and plant pots.
Skill Shot! (Bronze) - Swerve or Jump to pot a ball.
Speed Freak (Silver) - 8-Ball clearance in under 40 seconds.
Trick Shot Wizard (Bronze) - Complete all trick shots.

Snooker DLC Trophies:
There are 3 Bronze Trophies, 2 Silver Trophies, and 1 Gold Trophy.

Beat the Fish (Bronze) - Beat someone at snooker who already has this trophy.
Century Break (Silver) - Make a break of 100 or more in snooker.
Maximum Break (Gold) - Get a 147 maximum break in snooker.
Snooker Champion (Silver) - Win the snooker tournament.
Snooker King (Bronze) - Win 10 online snooker matches.
Snooker Loopy (Bronze) - Snooker your opponent 5 times in a single fram of snooker.
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