Чит коды на Heavy Rain (PS3)

Также известная как: Heavy Rain: The Origami Killer
Alternate endings:
Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding

1. Get the "Perfect Crime" trophy for the "New Start", "Dead
Heroine", "Uploaded", and "Unpunished" endings.

2. In the "Killer's Place" chapter, find the address of the
warehouse on the laptop <#>. Survive by hiding in the
refrigerator. In the "Old Warehouse" chapter, have Ethan save
Shaun, Madison warn Ethan of the cops, and Jayden kill Shelby.
This unlocks the "New Life", "Origami Grave's", and "Case Closed"

3. In the "Old Warehouse" chapter, fail with all characters. Do
not have Madison warn Ethan, and let Shelby kill Jayden. This
unlocks the "Ethan"s Grave", "Heroine", and "Unpunished" endings.

4. In the "The Rat" chapter, fail the trial. Do not locate Shaun
by failing the hangman. Have Jayden give up in the "Solving The
Puzzle" chapter. Let Madison die in the "Killers Place" chapter.
This unlocks the "Origami Blues" and "Smoking Mirror" endings.

5. In the "Killer's Place" chapter, have Madison escape, but do
not use the laptop to find the address of the warehouse. *Note:*
You must wait in the secret room for two minutes for Shelby to
arrive. This unlocks the "Tears In Rain" ending.

6. In the "On The Loose" chapter, let Ethan get arrested the
second time. Save Lauren from drowning in the "Trapped" chapter.
Have Jayden give up in the "Solving The Puzzle" chapter. Have
Madison escape in the "Killer's Place" chapter, but do not use the
laptop to find the address of the warehouse. This unlocks the
"Helpless", "Square One", and "A Mother's Revenge" endings.

7. In the "Killer's Place" chapter, get the address from the
laptop. Go to the warehouse alone. Have Madison save Shaun in the
"Old Warehouse" chapter, and survive the final chase over the roof
with Shelby. This unlocks the "Innocent", "Heroine", and
"Resignation" endings.

Alternate endings ("Taxidermist" DLC):
There are five endings you can get in the "Taxidermist" bonus
downloadable content. When you unlock one of the endings, it will be
marked off so you know which ones remain. Each of the ending's names
correspond to the newspaper headline shown once you have finished the
chronicle. You only have to replay the last chapter if you did not do
anything in the previous one to alert Leland of your presence.

In The Middle Of The Horror: Do not use the phone, and escape
without Leland following you outside. He can become alerted that
someone is in the house; just do not let him see you.
Sacrificed In The Name Of Truth: When the killer gets home, sneak
into the first bedroom, and call Sam from the phone on the side of
the bed. After the phone call, alert Leland, and let him kill you.
The End Of Anguish: Use the phone, and wait for the police to arrive.
The End Of The Nightmare: Do not use the phone, and escape with
Leland chasing you outside, or kill him with the chainsaw.
Where Is Madison Paige?: Do not use the phone, and let Madison die.

Easy "Kamikaze" trophy:
The arrow commands are Left, Right, Left, Left, and then Right the rest
of the way. Make sure you wait for the Sixaxis commands to appear before
performing the turns. If you do them early, they may not register.
Additionally, make sure you flick the controller hard enough in the
correct direction. You must do the same thing with shaking. Be sure
shakes and turns are quick and strong.
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