Чит коды на Guitar Hero: Van Halen (PS3)

Complete each requirement to receive the Trophies.

1984 (Silver)
Complete a career on Expert+. (Solo Drum)
316 (Silver)
5 star all Van Halen songs on Bass Career. (expert)
5150 (Gold)
Complete all Van Halen songs on every
instrument. (Guitar, Bass, Drums, and Vocals)
Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Dallas (Bronze)
Complete a gig in Dallas.
Atomic Power Punk (Bronze)
All band members activate Star Power
at the same time. (4 player band)
Bang your Gong (Bronze)
Create a custom drum set.
Beaten ( No Points)
Win a guest artist song as Eddie.
Born to Rock (Bronze)
Rock out as classic Wolfgang.
Break that String (Bronze)
Complete the song 'I Want It All' as Eddie playing guitar.
Brown Sound (Bronze)
Rock out as classic Eddie.
Can I Borrow a Quarter? (Bronze)
Create a custom guitar.
Diamond Dave (Bronze)
Rock out as classic Dave.
Diamond in the Rough (Silver)
5 star all Van Halen songs on Vocal Career. (expert)
Diver Down (Silver)
Complete a career on Expert. (Band or Solo)
Double Bass Master (Silver)
5 star all Van Halen songs on Drum Career. (expert)
Every Band Wants Some!! (Bronze)
Complete a song in a full band. (4 player band)
EVH (Bronze)
Unlock all of the Van Halen instruments.
Fair Warning (Silver)
Complete a career on Hard. (Band or Solo)
Far Away Lands (Bronze)
Complete gigs in London and The Netherlands.
Guitar God (Gold)
5 star all Van Halen songs on Guitar Career. (expert)
Have You Seen His Grades? (Bronze)
Complete a tutorial level.
Hung High (Bronze)
All band members earn an 8x multiplier
at the same time. (4 player band)
Intruder (Bronze)
Complete the career intro.
It's Alive (Bronze)
Unlock Eddie's Frankenstein guitar.
Jump (Bronze)
Complete all Van Halen songs. (Band or Solo Career)
No Brown M&M's!! (Bronze)
Watch the facts for a Van Halen song.
Ouch!! (Bronze)
Create a custom tattoo.
Platinum Artist (Platinum)
Earn all of the Bronze, Silver and
Gold Trophies in Guitar Hero Van Halen.
Rock Out Big Cities (Bronze)
Complete gigs in Berlin and New York City.
Somebody Get Them A Doctor (Bronze)
Hit 100% of the notes in a song as a band. (4 player band)
The Broken Combs (Bronze)
Complete a gig in West Hollywood.
The Ice Cream Man (Bronze)
Win a guest artist song as Dave.
The Space Brothers (Bronze)
Complete gigs in Los Angeles and Rome.
The Tour is Ending (Silver)
Complete a majority of the gigs. (Band or Solo)
The Woodshed (Silver)
5 star guitar for 'Little Guitars', 'Cathedral',
'Spanish Fly', and 'Eruption.' (expert)
They Ran With the Devil (Bronze)
All band members hit a 50 note streak
at the same time. (4 player band)
Unchained (Bronze)
Unlock all Van Halen characters.
Van Halen (Bronze)
Complete a career on Beginner.
Van Halen II (Bronze)
Complete a career on Easy. (Band or Solo)
Women and Children First (Silver)
Complete a career on Medium. (Band or Solo)
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