Чит коды на Flock! (PS3)

Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

First Flock! (Bronze): Completed first level.
Lumberjack The Ripper (Bronze): Rip up 50 trees (aggregate total).
The Continuous Cartographer (Bronze): Play through one user-created
singleplayer level and one user-created multiplayer level.
Unidentified Flocking Object (Bronze): Abduct 20 animals (aggregate total).
Fertiliser (Bronze): Make 50 piles of poo (aggregate total).
Good Shepherd (Bronze): Flock 25 animals at once.
Don't Fence Me In (Bronze): Knock over 50 fences with a cow (aggregate total).
King Of The Skies (Bronze): Fly and land 75 chickens (aggregate total).
Make Your Mark (Bronze): Complete 10 crop circles (aggregate total).
Love Bunny (Silver): Use 3 love patches in 3 minutes.
Bowled Over (Silver): Kill 10 chickens with one throw of a boulder - strike!.
Defender Of The Flock (Silver): Complete a level featuring the night-time
predator without letting it eat any animals.
Master Flocker (Gold): Get a perfect abduction on all levels, singleplayer and
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