Чит коды на FIFA 10 (PS3)

Также известная как: FIFA 2010

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding bonus:

1. Celebrate a goal with any finishing move (unlocks "Shirt Untucked" option).
2. Play a match in the rain (unlocks "Long Sleeves" option).
3. Win 10 free kicks for your team during your career (unlocks "Ankle Tape" option).
4. Make your online debut (unlocks a selection of Black Boots).
5. Win a cup in Manager mode (unlocks a selection of White Boots).
6. Get a club promoted in Be A Pro or Manager mode (unlocks a selection of White Boots).
7. Complete 10 throw ins during your career (unlocks "Wrist Tape" option).
8. Brave 10 matches in the snow (unlocks "Gloves" option).
9. Play 25 matches in the Rain (unlocks "Undershirt" option).
10. Win consecutive leagues in BAP or Manager mode (unlocks a selection of Blue Boots).
11. Play 25 matches online (unlocks a selection of Red Boots).
12. Represent any club 50 times (unlocks a selection of Colored Boots).

Cheaper contracts:
Do not renew contracts after a season. You will be asked what contracts you want
to renew. Check the box they will get. Offer the same wage they already have.
Wait until the end of season to renew for the same wage instead of having to
triple it at the start.

Avoid losing loaned players:
If you loan six players out, only five will come back, etc. because the club you
loaned the player to will have sold him to another club. For example, if you
loan Caceres from Barcelona to Villarreal CF, they will sell him to Wigan
Athletic. Do not loan players out to prevent this from happening.

Insulting the crowd:
Perform the bowing celebration, and the commentators will make good comments.
However, if you do it a second or third time, they will say you are going too
far and insulting the crowd.
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