Чит коды на Everybody's Putter Golf (PS3)

Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

Real Shot Hole in One (Bronze): What an amazing hole in one! Congratulations
on a great shot! No cash prize though since this is just a game, so
everything's hunky-dory.
Superb Hole Outs (Bronze): You were on fire the whole game! Winning requires
patience and cool calculation, not to mention nerves of steel!
Jasmine got A Rank (Bronze): Feels great!
TORO got A Rank (Bronze): Makes one think, "Wow, really?"
Eagle (Bronze): One stroke below eagle is double-eagle--like on a coat of
arms. I'm doing pretty darn good.
Consecutive Holes in One (Silver): So this is what three consecutive holes in
one is like. But no matter how many you make, it still feels the same.
You beat Jasmine! (Silver): You sure are jazzin' it up, champ.
Pro Golfer S (Silver): "S" is for "Star," as in "Sirius," as in "Seriously,
you can't beat me."
Super Golfer SS (Silver): That's two stars, boy, just in case you needed a
reminder of how "Sirius" a "Star" I am!
Master Golfer SSS (Gold): That's SSS: a "Sirius" Super Star!
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