Чит коды на Disney's Bolt (PS3)

Также известная как: Вольт
Enter the "Extras" menu, then select "Cheats". Enter one of the following
cheat codes to unlock the corresponding cheat option. To toggle a cheat
on or off, pause game play and enter the "Cheats" menu:
Left, Right, Up, Down - Unlimited Enchanced Vision
Right, Left(2), Up, Down, Right - Unlimited Gas Mines
Right, Up, Right, Up, Left, Down - Unlimited Ground Pound
Down(2), Up, Left - Unlimited Invulnerability
Left(2), Up, Right - Unlimited Laser Eyes
Left, Down(3) - Unlimited Stealth Camo
Right, Left(2), Up, Down, Up - Unlimited SuperBark
Right, Up, Left, Right, Up, Right - Level select
Right, Up, Right(2) - All Mini Games
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