Чит коды на Dead Nation (PS3)

Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

Easy Does It (Bronze): Complete Campaign mode on 'Braindead'.
And So It Begins... (Bronze): Complete Mission 1 (any difficulty
A Trip Downtown (Bronze): Complete Mission 2 (any difficulty level).
Walk in the Park (Bronze): Complete Mission 3 (any difficulty level).
On top of the World (Bronze): Complete Mission 4 (any difficulty
Out of the City (Bronze): Complete Mission 5 (any difficulty level).
Hospital Bill Through the Roof (Bronze): Complete Mission 6 (any
difficulty level).
Gravedigger (Bronze): Complete Mission 7 (any difficulty level).
Train to Nowhere (Bronze): Complete Mission 8 (any difficulty level).
Sleeping with the Fishes (Bronze): Complete Mission 9 (any
difficulty level).
Took the Highway (Bronze): Complete Mission 10 (any difficulty
Teamwork (Bronze): Complete a mission in Co-op mode (any
difficulty level).
Survivor (Bronze): Complete a mission without dying.
Zombie Killer (Bronze): Kill 1 000 zombies.
Up Close & Personal (Bronze): Perform 500 melee kills.
Blown To Bits (Bronze): Blow up 1,000 zombies.
Pyromaniac (Bronze): Burn 1 000 zombies.
Car Killer (Bronze): Destroy 500 vehicles.
Upgrader (Bronze): Fully upgrade a single slot of any weapon in
Campaign mode.
Suit Up (Bronze): Collect an armor piece.
Contributor (Bronze): Help your country to clear the virus infection.
Mediocrity (Silver): Complete campaign mode on 'Normal'.
Tough Enough (Silver): Complete campaign mode on 'Grim'.
Very Dead (Silver): Complete a mission on 'Undead'.
Skilled (Silver): Complete a mission without receiving any damage.
Zombie Hunter (Silver): Kill 10 000 zombies.
Aim For The Head (Silver): Perform 500 headshots.
Weapons Specialist (Silver): Fully upgrade all slots of any weapon
in Campaign mode.
Looter (Silver): Collect all the loot in any mission.
Morbid Curiosity (Gold): Complete Campaign mode on 'Morbid'.
Double the Action (Gold): Complete Campaign mode in Co-op mode.
Genocidiary (Gold): Kill 53 596 zombies.
Top Gear (Gold): Collect all armor pieces.
King Of Looters (Gold): Collect all the loot in every mission.
Romero Would Be Proud (Platinum): Collect all trophies.
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