Чит коды на Dark Awake: The King Has No Name (PS3)

Alternate characters:
At the character selection screen, hold Select while choosing Ramda or
Sandra to play as their arcade version.

Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

Barbarians' Revenge (Bronze): Clear 'Arcade Mode' as Humans.
Instinct of Destruction & Slaughter (Bronze): Clear 'Arcade Mode'
as Orcs.
New Hero of the Elves (Bronze): Clear 'Arcade Mode' as Elves.
New Strength of the Flames (Bronze): Clear 'Arcade Mode' as Dwarfs.
Ambition of a Corpse Mountain (Bronze): Clear 'Arcade Mode' as
Dark Elves.
Perfection of the Undead (Bronze): Clear 'Arcade Mode' as Undeads.
Chaotic Seed (Bronze): Clear 'Arcade Mode' as a Chaos Team.
The Gatherer (Silver): Clear the game without continuing and with
30+ Mana Items.
The Dragon Slayer (Silver): Defeat the Nameless King.
The One Who Awakens to Victory (Silver): Win 50 Ranked Matches.
The One Strong to the High-Grade Liquor of Victory (Silver): Win
100 Player Matches.
The Binded One (Gold): Win 50 Ranked Matches w/o using all of the
Mana Gauge.
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