Чит коды на Clive Barker's Jericho (PS3)

Также известная как: Jericho
Although the game's cheat codes are encrypted and are unique to your specific
disc access code, you can get receive three free codes by using the following
trick. First, make a note of the five digit access code that is unique to your
disc by looking at the top of the "Bonus Codes" screen. Then, go to the game's
pre-order website and enter "AGEH-56JW-X2GB-DN1N-EGUT" as a pre-order code.
Then, enter your five digit code, select your game system, and click "Submit".
The cheat codes for the "Unlimited Ammo" and "Fast Health Regeneration"
options will be displayed for your game. Next, go to to
Sign up for a free account and log in. Go to their registration page and
register your game to get the cheat code for the "Dominator Damage" option.
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