Чит коды на Brain Challenge (PS3)

Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

First Touch (Bronze): Finish one Daily Test.
Combo (Bronze): Get 30 combos in any mode.
60% Brain Usage (Bronze): Reach 60% Brain Usage.
80% Brain Usage (Bronze): Reach 80% Brain Usage.
Card Game (Bronze): Finish one online Card Game match.
Time Attack (Bronze): Finish one online Time Attack match.
Snatch Game (Bronze): Finish one online match in Snatch Game.
100% Brain Usage (Silver): Reach 100% Brain Usage.
The One of the Card Game (Silver): Reach level 100 in Card Game.
The One of Time Attack (Silver): Reach level 100 in Time Attack.
The One of Snatch Game (Silver): Reach level 100 in Snatch Game.
King of Brain (Gold): Get A+ in all Brain Training games.
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