Чит коды на Blazblue: Calamity Trigger (PS3)

Astral Heat:
Successfully complete Arcade mode with a character to unlock their Astral Heat.
Note: Ragna already starts with his Astral Heat.

Unlimited characters:
Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding character:
Unlimited Hakumen: Successfully complete Hakumen's Arcade mode.
Unlimited Rachel: Successfully complete Rachel's Arcade mode.
Unlimited Ragna: Successfully complete Ragna's Arcade mode.
Unlimited v-13: Successfully complete v-13's Arcade mode.

Play as Hakumen and Nu:
Get a 100% completion with all ten starting characters to unlock Hakumen and Nu.

Fight Unlimited Ragna in Arcade mode:
Get a "Distortion Finish" more than ten times and do not lose any rounds. You
will be challenged by Unlimited Ragna after your last opponent has been

Alternate ending:
Successfully Story mode with all characters to view the true ending.

Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

I Am the Just Sword (Bronze): (Arcade/Score Attack) Defeated Hakumen.
Murakumo Activated... (Bronze): (Arcade/Score Attack) Defeated Nu.
Wanderer (Bronze): (Player Match) Played first Player Match.
Voyeur (Bronze): (Player Match) Witnessed over 20 battles.
Ruler of Kagutsuchi (Bronze): (Ranked/Player Match) Fought against all
Be Gentle... It's My First Time. (Bronze): (Ranked Match) Played first Ranked
That Was Incredible! (Bronze): (Ranked Match) Won first victory in a Ranked
You Brute! (Bronze): (Ranked Match) Three consecutive wins in Ranked Matches.
Hands Where I Can See Them (Bronze): (Gallery) Collected over 50
I Like to Watch (Bronze): (Replay Theater) Collected over five replays, other
than your own.
Hello World! (Bronze): (Story) Watched the opening.
You're the Best! Around! (Bronze): (Training) Dished out a total of over
1,000,000 damage.
Carpal Tunnel (Bronze): Exceed a total playtime of 25 hours.
Legionnaire (Bronze): Reached Lv.10.
Dante (Silver): (Arcade) Beat Arcade mode on Hell difficulty.
Warrior (Silver): (Player Match) Fought a total of 150 battles.
100 Trials (Silver): (Ranked Match) Fought over 100 battles.
Praetorian Guardsman (Silver): Reached Lv.30.
Leonidas (Gold): (Score Attack) Beat Score Attack mode.
200 Trials (Gold): (Ranked Match) Fought over 200 battles.
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