Чит коды на Bladestorm: The Hundred Years' War (PS3)

Successfully complete the game with France to unlock the two-handed sword
Durandal (Edge: 99, Point: 99, Blunt: 99, Magic: 99, everything else 0).

Successfully complete the game with England to unlock the single handed sword
Excalibur (Edge: 99, Point: 99, everything else 0).

Bonus weapons:
Reach 100% Growth on Swords, Spears, and Bows to unlock super weapons.
Successfully complete the game to have unique weapons from the Dynasty Warriors
and Samurai Warriors series appear for purchase in the shop. These include
Nobunaga's sword, Guan Yu's halberd, Zhao Yun's spear, Xing Cai's pike, Xiahou
Yuan's club, Yukimura Sanada's spear, and Magoichi Saika's gun.

Shop discount:
Collect all twelve Gems. You will unlock a short intermission sequence featuring
the merchant, and the shop's prices will now be discounted.

Easy experience:
In your first contract, you will have a tutorial on how to use swords, horses,
and bows. When it tells you to use the Bowmen, do not take control of them.
Instead, use the Swordsmen to fight the groups of people. After fighting for
about a minute, you should gain a level. You can do this as long as desired to
better your men, making the beginning of the game easier. You can switch to the
Horsemen to also increase their levels. Once you have their levels where
desired, switch to the Bowmen to finish the tutorial.

Unlock the two-handed sword:
Finish the game as France to get Durandal.
(Edge: 99, Point: 99, Blunt: 99, Magic: 99, everything else 0).

Unlock single handed sword:
Finish the game as England to unlock the Excalibur.
(Edge:99, Point:99, everything else 0).

Unlimited Ammo:
With any unit that has ammo (Archers, Javelins, Throwing Knives etc.), wait
until you are
out of said ammo. Press X to back out of the unit, and wait for the AI to
shoot of their own
accord. Re-join the group, and you should have ~10 more ammo (not a full
When you run out, just leave the squad, wait, and re-join. It can be done
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