Чит коды на Battle Fantasia (PS3)

Alternate costumes:
Successfully complete 50% of a character's Story mode to unlock his or her
first alternate costume. Successfully complete 90% of a character's Story
mode to unlock his or her second alternate costume.

Alternate Story mode paths:
Successfully complete the indicated task in Story mode to unlock the
alternate path for the indicated character:

Asley - Taunt Coyori
Cedric - Adjust your glasses five times against Marco.
Coyori - Throw Freed at five times.
Deathbringer - Finish Watson with Final Inferno.
Dokurod - Taunt after defeating Coyori.
Donvalve - Use Hip-de-don against Coyori and finish with a Super.
Face - Use Texas Knee five times against Urs.
Freed - Use Magnum Jetter five times against Marco.
Marco - Finish Olivia with Dyna Rush.
Olivia - Hit Coyori with a D attack ten times and finish the match with one.
Urs - Win by timeout over Olivia.
Watson - Finish Cedric with Hip-de-Bunny.
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