Чит коды на Army Of Two: The 40th Day (PS3)

Successfully complete the game to unlock the "Big Heads" and "Infinite
Ammo" cheats in the "Options" menu.

Prequel bonus:
Have a saved game file from the original Army Of Two to unlock the
AS-KRI and S0-Z Grand Pinger for purchase.

Bonus costumes:
Successfully complete the game to unlock the Civilian, End, Light Armor,
Mall, Medium Armor, and Old School costumes.

Start with fully upgraded weapons:
Start a new game. Use the starting money to upgrade your weapons or buy
new ones. Play the game until reaching the cutscene with the moral
choice. Select the moral choice, then go to the main menu during the
cutscene with the explosions. Select Campaign mode, and choose the one
that was just played. Select "New", and you will have all the previously
bought weapons, upgrades, and money from the previous mission. However,
you can upgrade your weapons again. Repeat this process to fully upgrade
and purchase all the starting weapons.

New areas:
When entering a new area, take your time to explore it. There may be
civilians around that you should protect or alternate paths that you and
your partner can exploit.
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