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Splinter Cell: Double Agent (PS3)

Elite mode:
Successfully complete Solo mode.

Bonus skin:
Reach the indicated rank to unlock the skin:
Spy second skin : "Recruit" rank.
Spy third skin : "Special Agent" rank.
Uspilon Forces second skin: "Field Agent" rank.
Uspilon Forces third skin : "Commander" rank.

Alternate endings:
Complete the indicated task during the final mission to see the
corresponding ending after the bomb is disarmed.

Ending A (Good): Have NSA trust above 33% and save at least two of
the three targets (cruise ship, Hisham, and Lambert).

Ending B (Normal): Have NSA trust below 33%, and save the cruise
Ship, Hisham, and Lambert. Alternately, allow two of the targets
be destroyed but have NSA trust above 33%.

Ending C (Bad): Destroy all three targets. Alternately, destroy
two targets and have NSA trust below 33%.

Extended Time in Kinshasa Level:
At the end of this level, when you are supposed to use a sniper rifle to
shoot Hamza
Hishima, do not kill him. Instead, wait until the crane you are on falls
down. Emile
will yell at you for missing Hamza. Your character will then turn off his
radio and the
level will be extended by several minutes.
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