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Spider-Man: Web Of Shadows (PS3)

Completion bonus:
Successfully complete the game, and allow it to auto-save after the credits.
Load the cleared saved game file repeatedly until the game begins again with all
your previously purchased moves and collectibles. Note: Do not skip through the
credits after loading your cleared saved game file.

View Spidey Token locations:
Reach Level 10 or collect 1,000 Spidey Tokens. All Spidey Tokens will appear as
red dots on the mini-map.

Wolverine's quiz answers:
When you first meet Wolverine, he will attack, and you must fight him. He will
ask a series of questions that must be answered correctly. Use the following
responses to pass the quiz:

1. Richard and Mary
2. Ned Leeds
3. Battleworld
4. Daredevil
5. A Mutant
6. May Parker
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