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Темная Сторона (PS3)

Также известная как: Dark Sector
Brutal mode:
To unlock Brutal Mode, complete every chapter in the game

Baggage Claim - Complete Chapter 3
Champion - Best overall in a ranked team game (Multiplayer)
Comrade - Scored 500 points in ranked team games (Multiplayer)
Dark Sector - Brutal Difficulty - Complete the Game on Brutal Difficulty
Double Decap Latte - Two decapitations in one shot
Electrician - Electrocuted 30 enemies
Exposure - Complete Chapter 2
Finesse - 30 After touch kills
Ghost - Used cloaking to get a finisher
Glaive Master - Completed a level by only using the Glaive
Glory - Finished best overall in a ranked match (Multiplayer)
Greed - Collected over 50,000 rubles
Hardball - 30 Power-throw kills
Headhunter - Decapitated 30 enemies
Hero - Scored 5000 points (Multiplayer)
Hero of the people - Scored 5000 points in ranked team games (Multiplayer)
Incinerator - Incinerated 30 enemies
Industrial Evolution - Complete Chapter 7
Jack Frost - Killed 30 frozen enemies
Jack the Jackal - Took the Jackal for a ride
Master Researcher - Collected all the weapon upgrades
Moths To The Flame - Complete Chapter 4
Prologue - Complete Chapter 1
Rebound - Killed an enemy with a reflected projectile
Researcher - Collected 10 weapon upgrades
Sharpshooter - 30 Headshots
Skeet Shooter - Shot 10 projectiles in mid-flight
The Bait - Complete Chapter 6
The Dark Sector - Complete Chapter 10
The Finisher - Performed 30 finishers
The Shipment - Complete Chapter 5
Threshold Guardian - Complete Chapter 9
Unnatural History - Complete Chapter 8
Veteran - Scored 500 points (Multiplayer)
Weaponsmith - Applied 5 upgrades in the market
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