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Need for Speed: ProStreet (PS3)

10,000 Cash
Enter "CASHMONEY" into the code section in the menu to recieve 10,000
extra cash at the start of your career.

Earn 90,000+ Dollars!
I just found a way in NFS PRO STREET (PC,PS2,PS3,XBOX,XBOX360)
That gives you some +90,000 in game Dollars .

It is simple but a bit lengthy for some gamers.I will explain it in following
steps to avoid misunderstanding.I tested it and it perfectly works every
time.Only one rule follow the way below and get +90,000 dollars in career.

1.Start your console and run NFS PRO STREET GAME

2.Now Load your career profile.

3.Go to the cheat menu and enter this code "UNLOCKALLTHINGS"
The screen will come up and says that you unlocked a bonus.

4.Now go back on menu and save your career.

5.Go back again and reload your career.

6.Go in your garage, you will find 3-4 new cars

( 240x,Cobalt SS, Dodge viper speed, dodge viper grip)

7.Now sell all these bonus cars, you will get nearly +90,000 dollars.


8. Now save again your profile.

9. Press the PS Button on your control and quit the game. Then restart
NFS pro street.

10. Now if you want more money again goto step 3 as many times as you
like. But you need to go all way down to step 9 every time you want
more money.

takes a long time but well worth it for the Zonda and Lambo :)

Entry Location:
Code section of the career menu

REGGAME - $10,000
1Mi9K7E1 - $10,000
CASHMONEY - $10,000 Added to your account
1MA9X99 - $2,000
W2iOLLO1 - $4,000
L1iS97A1 - $8,000
SAFETYNET - 5 Repair Tickets
ITSABOUTYOU - Audi TT 3.2 Quattro in career garage.
WORLDSLONGESTLASTING - Dogde Viper in career garage.
MITSUBISHIGOFAR - Lancer Evo in career garage.
LEIPZIG - Acura Integra Costs $0.00
HORSEPOWER - Unlock Chevrolet Chevelle SS
UNLOCKALLTHINGS - Unlocks Bonuses (Including Stage 4 parts)
ZEROZEROZERO - Unlocks Coke Zero sponsor car
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