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MX vs. ATV Untamed (PS3)

All Fox gear:
At the options menu, select the "Cheat Codes" option,
then enter "CRAZYLIKER" as a code to unlock all Fox gear.

360: Press Left + Right + R1.
9 O'clock Indian Air: Press Up + Triangle.
9 O'clock Nac: Press Right + Triangle.
Backflip: Press Up + Down + R1.
Can Can: Press Down + Triangle.
Disco Can: Press Left + Triangle.
Double Can: Press Up + Circle.
Double Grab: Press Right + Circle.
Hart Attack: Press Down + Circle.
Heel Clicker: Press Left + Circle.
Indian Air: Press Up + R1 + Triangle.
Ninja Nac: Press Right + R1 + Triangle.
No Footer: Press Down + R1 + Triangle.
No Handed Disco Can: Press Left + R1 + Triangle.
No Hander: Press Up + Triangle.
Nothing: Press Up + Circle + R1.
Pendulum: Press Right + Circle + R1.
Rigomortis: Press Down + Circle + R1.
Rock Solid: Press Left + R1 + Triangle + Circle.
Rodeo: Press Left + Circle + R1.
Ruler: Press Up + Triangle + Circle.
Saran Wrap: Press Right + Triangle + Circle.
Shaolin: Press Down + Triangle + Circle.
Side Saddle: Press Left/Right/Down + Triangle.
Sterilizer: Press Up/Right + Circle.
Stripper: Press Left + Triangle + Circle.
Super Can: Press Up + R1 + Triangle + Circle.
Superman: Press Right + R1 + Triangle + Circle.
Superman Seatgrab: Press Down + R1 + Triangle + Circle.
Taunt: Press Down + Circle.
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