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Critter Crunch (PS3)

Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

Beverage and Fries (Bronze): Complete 6 Combos in a single level.
Challenge Taker (Silver): Complete Challenge mode.
Circle of Life (Bronze): Complete 10 Food Chains in a single level.
Crunchicidal Maniac (Bronze): Pop a chain that is 15 critters long.
Feats of Constipation (Bronze): Unlock Challenge mode.
Feeding Frenzy (Bronze): Unlock Survival mode.
King of the Jungle (Gold): Complete both Adventure mode and Puzzle mode.
Last Man Digesting (Bronze): Survive to level 9 in Survival mode.
Puzzle me this! (Bronze): Unlock Puzzle mode.
Smart Mouth (Bronze): Complete a puzzle level with moves remaining.
Smirk Wiper (Bronze): Win an online Versus match.
Veteran Food Eater (Bronze): Reach experience level 5 in online Versus mode.
Wilhelm von Puzzleworth (Bronze): Complete 25 Puzzle levels.
World's Greatest Dad! (Silver): Complete 35 Adventure levels while also
feeding Smalls to completion.
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