Cheats for Street Fighter 4 (PS3)

Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

The World Warrior (Bronze): Unlock all characters.
Color Guard (Bronze): Unlock all Colors.
No Sweat (Bronze): Unlock all Personal Actions.
Special Move Master (Bronze): Perform 100 Special Moves.
EX-cellent Master (Bronze): Perform 100 EX Special Moves.
Super Combo Master (Bronze): Perform 100 Super Combos.
Ultra Combo Master (Bronze): Perform 100 Ultra Combos.
Focus Master (Bronze): Perform 100 successful Focus Attacks.
Crowd Pleasing Master (Bronze): Perform 10 Personal Actions.
Super Combo Champion (Bronze): Perform 50 Super Combo finishes.
Ultra Combo Champion (Bronze): Perform 50 Ultra Combo finishes.
Simply Perfect (Bronze): Achieve 10 Perfect victories.
Arcade Rat (Bronze): Clear Arcade Mode with 1 character on Medium or higher
Challenger (Bronze): Clear a Challenge in Challenge Mode.
Challenge Expert (Bronze): Clear all Challenges in Challenge Mode.
Rapid Fighter (Bronze): Clear NORMAL Time Attack in Challenge Mode.
Speed King (Bronze): Cleared HARD Time Attack in Challenge Mode.
Tough Cookie (Bronze): Clear NORMAL Survival in Challenge Mode.
Last Man Standing (Bronze): Cleared HARD Survival in Challenge Mode.
Technical Fighter (Bronze): Clear NORMAL Trial in Challenge Mode.
No Challenge Too Hard (Bronze): Cleared HARD Trial in Challenge Mode.
All Dolled Up (Bronze): Set your Title and Icon.
Medals Get! (Bronze): Collect all Medal types.
Medal Collector (Bronze): Collect 100 Medals.
Medal Hunter (Bronze): Collect 500 Medals.
Medal Master (Bronze): Collect 1,000 Medals.
Lobbyist (Bronze): Create 10 multiplayer lobbies.
Taking On All Comers (Bronze): Fight 10 opponents via fight requests.
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