Cheats for Resonance of Fate (PS3)

Secret Costumes
After completing chapter 6, select Leanne and examine the wardrobe in her room.
While her first line is on the screen ("Hm, I think that outfit is in here...")
enter one of the following codes, and then hit A. Directions should be entered
on the d-pad, and L3 and R3 mean pressing in the left and right stick, respectively.

Politan Suit R3 R3 R3 Right Left Y X LT RT LB
(must finish Neverland first)
Gemaga RT LT LB RB Y Y Y X X Up
Platform Logo RT RB R3 L3 LB LT Right Left X Y
8-bit Girl Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right Y X
Hirakou X Y LB LB RB RB L3 L3 Up Down
Club Famitsu Y Y Up Up X X Left Left LB RB
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