Cheats for Mushroom Wars (PS3)

Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:
Theorist (Bronze): Complete all Tutorials.
Lieutenant (Bronze): Complete 25% of Campaign mode.
Colonel (Bronze): Complete 50% of Campaign mode.
General (Bronze): Complete 75% of Campaign mode.
Extirpator (Bronze): Complete Campaign mode in 60 minutes or less.
Vanquisher (Bronze): Complete Campaign mode.
Gatherer (Bronze): Gain 9 different rewards in Campaign mode.
Amateur (Bronze): Complete Skirmish on Normal or higher difficulty level.
Comrade (Bronze): Play 100 Local Multiplayer Matches.
Napoleon (Silver): Complete Campaign Mode on Hard difficulty level.
Collector (Silver): Gain 200 rewards in Campaign mode.
Ace (Silver): Complete Skirmish on Hard difficulty level.
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