Cheats for Bioshock (PS3)

Alternate endings:
There are two different endings in the game, depending on how the Little Sisters
were treated. If more than one Little Sister was harvested, the "bad" ending
will play. If no more than one Little Sister was harvested, but the rest were
rescued, the "good" ending will play.

Restoring hacked robot's health:
After hacking a robot, it will begin firing at your enemies. If the robot gets
hit, it will begin to lose health, catch on fire, and eventually blow up. To
stop this from happening, deactivate the robot (press X while pointing at the
robot), then reactivate it a few seconds later. This should make the robot have
full health again.

Hitting the jackpot at slot machine:
Save the game before you start playing the slot machine. Then, keep reloading
your saved game until you hit the jackpot.

Easy money:
Use the Incinerate Plasmid on any slot machine to corrupt the machine. You will
usually always win money when you use the burnt out machine.

Molotov cocktails:
While normally the various alcoholic beverages (for example, Arcadia Merlot, Old
Tom Whiskey, etc.) scattered throughout the game are used to recover health,
they can be turned into Molotov cocktails similar to those used by the "Nitro
Splicer" enemy. To do this, use a source of flame, such as the chemical thrower,
the Incinerate! Plasmid, or an environmental source. Ignite the alcohol bottle,
pick it up with the Telekinesis Plasmid, and throw it at the enemy of choice.

Save game recommendations:
Save the game before fighting a Big Daddy or other difficult enemies. If you do
not like the results (used too much health, wasted too much ammunition, etc.),
you can simply reload your saved game and try again until you are satisfied.
After becoming a Big Daddy, create a new saved game. At this point, you will be
close to the end of the game. If you missed something, you can go to the
Bathysphere and explore Rapture again; you are also a Big Daddy now so the
Splicers will not harm you, security cameras will not set off alarms, etc.
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