Чит коды на Zork: Nemesis (PC)

Egg #1:
1.type "chloe" w/o quotes anywhere in game
2.will transport you to library book
4.turn first page
5.voila - photo of ?programmer?

Egg #2:
1.type "hello sailor" w/o quotes
2.this was a foul curse in all of the other zork games and usually 
  resulted in some sort of humorous or not-so-humorous penalty
3.woman's voice says, "Nothing happens here."

Herein lie the solutions to finding the four various elements in the 
Temple of Agrippa. 
Fire: The fire element is located at the end of a secret passage 
      that begins in the Temple library. 
Water: The water element is concealed at the end of the passage that 
       adjoins the altar room. There is a flight of stairs to your left 
       as you circle the altar. 
Air: The air element is hidden in the tower adjoining the main altar room. 
     Look for the entrance in the right corner of the room behind the 
     Dome of the Celestial Spheres 
Earth: The earth element is hidden in a secret cavern below the Temple. 
       The entrance to the underground is in the gallery adjoining the 
       altar room. Look in the upper left corner behind the altar.
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