Чит коды на You Don't Know Jack (PC)

Gameplay cheat:
The only way to get a fiber optic field trip is
to have a gibberish question on question 3 or 4.
If you get a gibberish question on 3, your field
trip will be on question 7; if your gibberish
question is 4 your trip will be on question 8.

Demo Mode
At the beginning when it says, "For additional options
press Escape," press D for demo mode.

Punishment for Rude Behavior
If you want to have some fun with the announcer, and are
not afraid of losing, type in f@#k you ( the real word
without symbols). You can do this up to three times in a
full game. Each time it will say something different and
"things" will happen, like he will give you a new name,
which is different each game you do this. Any fun loving
adult will appreciate the results.
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