Чит коды на X-Men Legends 2: Rise of Apocalypse (PC)

Completion bonuses:
Successfully complete the game to unlock the hard difficulty setting 
(enemies at level 50). You can also start a new game with your 
previous characters at their current experience level. 

Play as Deadpool:
Successfully complete the game. 

Play as Iron Man:
Find the four homing beacons in Act 1 through 4 and collect the 
piece of his armor that each set unlocks. Then, save Iron Man 
after finding the four homing beacons in Act 5. 

Play as Professor Xavier:
Successfully complete all Danger Room missions. 

Team bonuses:
Use a team with the indicated characters to get the indicated bonus. 

Age of Apocalypse 
(Any four heroes with Age of Apocalypse skins):   +100% attack rating

Agile Warriors 
(Nightcrawler, Sunfire, Toad, Deadpool):          +5% experience points
Brotherhood of Evil                                     
(Juggernaut, Magneto, Scarlet Witch, Toad):       +5% experience points
Bruiser Brigade                                         
(Juggernaut, Colossus, Wolverine, Rogue):         20 energy gained per knockout

Dark Past 
(Rogue, Deadpool, Gambnit, Wolverine):            5% damage inflicted goes 
                                                     to health

Double Date 
(Rogue, Gambit, Jean Grey Cyclops):               20 health gained per knockout

Energy Corps 
(Gambit, Bishop, Cyclops, Iron Man):              +5% damage

Family Affair 
(Magneto, ProfessorX, ScarletWitch, Juggernaut):  +5 health regeneration

Femme Fatale 
(Storm, Scarlet Witch, Rogue, Jean Grey):         5% damage inflicted to health

Forces of Nature 
(Storm, Iceman, Sunfire, Magneto):                +10 to all resistances

Heavy Metal 
(Colossus, Juggernaut, Iron Man, Magneto):        +10 to all stats

New Avengers 
(Iron Man, Scarlet Witch, Wolverine, Bishop):     +15% maximum health

New X-Men 
(Nightclawler, Storm, Colossus, 
Wolverine, Sunfire, Bishop):                      +15% maximim health

Old School 
(Cyclops, Jean Grey, Iceman, 
Magneto, Toad, Professor X):                      +15% max energy

Raven Knights 
(Iceman, Professor X, Iron Man, Deadpool):        +60% techbit drops

Special Ops 
(Bishop, Deadpool, Nightcrawler, Gambit):         +5% damage 

Alternate costumes:
Complete Act 1 to unlock the Snow Iceman, Brown And Gold Wolverine, 
Original Cyclops, 70's Cyclops, Original Jean, 70's Jean, 
70's Nightcrawler, 70's Colossus, and 70's Storm costumes. 

Complete Act 2 to unlock the Age Of Apocalypse 
and Original Scarlet Witch costumes. 

Final area:
First, step into the power chamber in the middle of the vault of ages. 
Because there is only a limited amount of time you have to use the 
harmonic powers, choose a faster character to do this. There is a 
yellow meter that will show you how much harmonic power time you 
have remaining. Go straight up or straight down to reach the generators. 
The downward path has a small maze in it. Go right instead of left. 
At the generator, Apocalypse is waiting. You must beat him up 
before you can destroy the generator. Destroy the generator and 
repeat the same process with the other one. It does not have a maze, 
and it will be a straight shot directly to it. Just like before, 
Apocalypse is waiting for you at the generator. After destroying 
the power of the harmonic machine, he will bring statues of the 
horsemen to life. You must focus your attacks on the horsemen and 
get them out of the way before tackling Apocalypse. When you kill 
the horsemen, they will return to statue form. Then, kill Apocalypse 
twice to complete the game. Note: Make sure you have a full load of
health and energy packs before attempting this.

Easy items:
In Act 2 after you rescue Beast on Mikhails Warship, Blink will 
open a portal back to Avalon. Go through the portal to Avalon then 
immediately return to the warship. The scene of rescuing Beast 
will play again, and the ship is undamaged. You can go back 
and get all the items again. Repeat this as many times as desired.

Recommended team:
Having two blasters (for example, Magneto) and two brawlers 
(for example, Wolverine) works well. The following team is 
highly useful, because there are times where you will need a 
mutant with super strength to move an object out of the way. 
If you need a bridge formed, use Magneto. If you need a flyer,
both Magneto and Ironman can fill that role. The heavy metal 
group is Colossus, Juggernaut, Ironman and Magneto.
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