Чит коды на WWE Raw (PC)

Get all the items unlocked:
While you play the game, there are some boxes outside the ring, hit them and 
you will get a secret item.Pick it up By the action Button and leave it by 
again pressing the action button.After you finish the championship or the 
match, you will get a list of secret items Unlocked which you picked up.

Note:These type of black boxes are available either in front of the ring 
or near the entrance door or on both of them.

Get items carried by the superstars:
When you start the game, and play any, match you will see the entrance of 
your opponent. If Your Opponent Carries Something special(eg. a stick, 
water bottle, or glasses, gold medal)Attack him\her duting the entrance 
an keep on beating him unless the thing carried by him falls off then pick 
up the item by action button and put it down andthat item will be Unlocked.

Fred Durst:
Win all the championship belts. 

Shane McMahon:
Win the Hardcore title. 

Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley:
Win the Woman's title.

Vince McMahon:
Win the WWF Heavyweight title. 

Bubba Ray Dudley's glasses:
Attack Bubba Ray Dudley during his entrance. 

Christian's glasses:
Fight Christian during his entrance. Keep hitting him until his 
glasses fall off. 

Crash Holly's hat:
Fight Crash Holly during his entrance. 

D-Von Dudley's glasses:
Attack D-Von Dudley during his entrance. 

Edge's glasses:
Attack Edge during his entrance. 

Fred Durst's hat:
Fight Fred Durst in one on one hardcore match and knock it off. 

Play as Fred Durst and let another wrestler knock your hat off. 
Pick it up and you will have the item. 

K-Kwik's mic:
Attack K-Kwik during his entrance. 

Kurt Angle's real gold medals:
Fight Kurt Angle during his entrance and steal his medals after they 
fall off his head. Hit him with them sixty four times, and the real 
medals will appear. They are gold and have a green band. 

Perry Saturn's Moppy:
Attack Perry Saturn during his entrance. 

Alternately, fight Perry Saturn in a one on one hardcore match. 

Spike Dudley's glasses:
Choose a one-on-one match a fight Spike Dudley during his entrance. 

Tazz's glasses:
Fight Spike Dudley during his entrance until his glasses fall off. 

Triple H's water bottle:
Fight Triple H during his entrance. 

Undertaker's bandanna:
Fight Undertaker during his entrance. 

Undertaker's glasses:
Fight Undertaker during his entrance. 

X-Pac's bandanna:
Fight X-Pac during his entrance until he drops it.
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