Чит коды на Wizards & Warriors (PC)

Unlimited Starting Gold
When you are in the town inn and create a party, you can pool gold
to one of the characters who will then have 1200 gold pieces. It is
important that you do not take this "Pooled Gold" character out of
the party. It should always say "Out on Adventure" for that
character. When you re-add the newly created characters to the
party, you will discover that they all have 200 gold pieces again!
Pool Gold on the same character that you pooled gold on before.
Another 1000 gold pieces. Remove then re-add. Pool Gold. +1000!
Repeat as necessary.

Alternate Method
After a little game play you should have a little bit of money.
Pool this money onto one character and take him/her into the Inn
and remove him from the party. Then add him back and pool the
gold onto your main character and remove the same character again.
You can do this for a little while say up to 50,000 or 100,000
gold pieces. I suggest at this amount take your full party outside
and go to the armory and give the gold back to the same
character as before. Then take your party back into the Inn
and remove him again, then add him back and pool gold again this
time it will increase by 50,000 or 100,000 each time instead
of 1200 at a time.

Maxing Guild Rank
To easily max your guild rank in any guild you are currently a
member of follow these steps: Complete a quest for the guild
you want to raise your rank in. When you return to your guild
to get your reward and the guild master begins to talk to you
quickly click back and forth between the character who completed
the quest and any other character. By doing this you can get the
guild master to initiate the 'reward' dialog with your character
multiple times before the game actually thinks you have recieved
your 'reward' and so you can get multiple guild advancements,
gold rewards, and experience rewards for the same quest this way.
You can also do this with multiple characters at the same time to
raise multiple characters rank at once. When you do this
be prepared to wait, dont leave the guild until the guild master
has stoped speaking.

Money Maker
Enter the Bushi Dojo (pref with a member, but not necessary),
buy any arrows then sell them back. e.g. Takekatsu Arrows ?450,
then when sold back you get ?1750 in return. If you are a member
of the guild, you can buy them in special items and buy as many
as you want, I made over ?1, 000, 000 gold in under 1 minute,
by just buying and selling these arrows.

Strength Increased The Easy Way
After invoking the Amulets of holding, you can sell them to the
shops and buy them back, then invoke again. (remember only
priests and mages can use these) My Mage is now 24 str and
it only cost me ?5000, but then I am rich now, because I sold my arrows.
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