Чит коды на Wizardry 5: Heart Of The... (PC)

( Wizardry 5: Heart Of The Maelstrom )

Use of a good sector editor can allow one to modify selected data
to create a playable set of characters for Wizardry V, rather
than the wimps one usually starts with.  This gives a player a
chance to play with decent characters. Data resides on
sectors 92-93-94 (a disk has sectors 0-719 decimal).

It would seem as if this is meant to be done on a floppy,
so I'd suggest scanning for the name of your characters in text
to find where they are and in what file, if you have this installed
on a hard drive.  You can probably still use the offsets given,
but you may have to just eyeball it.

Conts.              Char.1  Char.2    Char.3  Char.4     Char.5    Char.6
Sector              92      92        92-93     93       93-94     94
(All the following locations are in Hex)
#chars in name      0       F6        1EC       1D8      CE        ?
char name (15 MAX)  1-F     F7-105    1ED-1FB   E3-F1    1D9-1E7   CF-DD
#chars in passwd    10      106       1FC       F2       1E8       DE
pswd name (15 MAX)  11-1F   107-115   1FD-B     F3-101   1E9-1F7   DF-ED
race (1 to 5)       20      116       C         102      1F8       EF
class (0 to 7)      22      118       E         104      1FA       F0
alignment (1 to 3)  24      11A       10        106      1FC       F2

lockbit (boolean), status, age (integer), ability, saving throw (go here)

Gold (LO-HI bytes)  34-35   12A-12B   20-21     116-117  C-D       102-103
items held (8)      3A      130       26        11C      12        108
actual items        3C-5B   132-151   28-47     11E-3D   14-33     10A-129
(8 bytes ea)
experience (LO-HI)  5C-5F   152-155   48-4B     13E-141  34-37     12A-12D
previous level      62      158       4E        144      3A        130
current level       64      15A       50        146      3C        132
current Hit Points  66-67   15C-15D   52-53     148-149  3E-3F     134-135
maximum Hit Points  68-69   15E-15F   54-55     14A-14B  40-41     136-137

spells known, max spell available, current spell available,
fight level. armour class, regeneration, poison, autokill,
number of swings, damage (go here)

Race: 1=Human, 2=Elf, 3=Dwarf, 4=Gnome, 5=Hobbit Class: 0=Fighter, 1=Mage,
2=Priest, 3=Thief, 4=Bishop, 5=Samurai, 6=Lord, 7=Ninja
Alignment: 1=Good, 2=Neutral, 3=Evil

Good ones to change     Hex      Decimal
#Gold                   5555     21845
#Experience             55555    349525
#Hit Points             C7       199

Be careful.  Putting in too large a number makes the value negative.

Note:  When this happens, never enter a number greater
than 7F FF ... FF (or FF ... FF 7F when stored in reverse) where
the number of FF's is dependent on how big the largest value for
the number is.  So, in the above example, you could put up to 7FFF
for gold and 7FFFFF for experience, I think.  From the table, it
would seem as if Hit points can go up to 32767 decimal.
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