Чит коды на Wing Commander: Secret Ops (PC)

While in flight, hold [Shift] and type one of the following
codes to activate the corresponding cheat function:

goodtarget - Turret style targeting
moretunes  - Music select
shoehorn   - Enable debug mode

Debug mode commands:
While in flight, enter one of the following codes after
debug mode is enabled.

[Ctrl][C]   - Toggle collisions
[Ctrl][K]   - Self-destruct
[Ctrl][I]   - Toggle invincibility
[Ctrl][F12] - Destroy targeted ship, Note: Enter this code
when a friendly or enemy ship is targeted to
remove its forward shields. Enter this code a
second time on an enemy ship to destroy it.
Enter this code on a capital ship to destroy
sub-targets. The capital ship will explode
when the bridge and engines are destroyed.
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