Чит коды на Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, 2nd Edition (PC)

Easy questions:
Enter Regis Philbin as a name. The name entry will change
to "Fibber" to confirm correct code entry.

Harder questions:
Enter John Carpenter as a name.

Make Regis mad:
Start a multi-player game and intentionally get
incorrect answers. Keep doing this until Regis says
that he gives up. The game will then quit.

Extra time:
Press L when you need more time to think. This will show
your lifelines. After Regis says "You don't want to use a
lifeline?" and the lifeline screen disappears, it will be
at the same time as it was before you pressed L.
Keep repeating this until you know the answer.

Alternately, when Regis asks the question press [Esc]
to stop the timer.

Default names:
Do not enter a name when prompted to enter one. Let
Regis talk, and eventually he will give you a name
such as "Einstein", "Kathy Lee", and "Cody.
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