Чит коды на Waterslide Island (PC)

Here are some cheat codes which will change or open up
certain parts of the Waterslide Island. These cheat codes
will only work with the full version of Waterslide Island.
They will not work on the demo version.
In order to use a cheat code, go to the main menu, then
select "About Waterslide Island". When you are in that
screen, press the arrow keys or move the joystick in the
directions listed below. You will hear a "click" with every
direction you move in and the familiar "bubble menu selection
sound" for a correctly entered code. (You'll hear a buzzer if
you don't enter the code correctly.)

U  =  UP
D  =  DOWN
L  =  LEFT

Turn splashes off         : DULLLRRRDD
Clear high score list     : ULRDUULRDD
Always start first in line: UURRLLDDLD

Turn on/off wireframe rendering (this may not work on
some video cards): RUDRUDRUDD

Turn on/off "flat" rendering (makes all of the 3D graphics
look "blocky"... This may not work on some video

Turn off the message queue (so you won't see messages like
"Bradley fell off the slide"): UDRLDLLURU

Unlock all levels up until and including Posedon's Lagoon
(Level #2): UDLLRUDRLD

Unlock all levels up until and including Palmtree Park
(Level #3): UDLRUDUURD

Unlock all levels up until and including Splash Summit
(Level #4): UDRLDUUURL

Change the bubbles into wireframe skeletons (This may
not work on all video cards): LLRDLURUDU

Be able to switch between racers (and their perspective)
during a race with the F1-F8 keys: RRRURRRURR

Turn off the internal timing mechanism of the game (if
you have a fast computer, this will make things seem really
fast... or weird): DURLUDRLUD

(Only use these if you're desperate!)
Make it impossible for anyone to fall off the slide: RRUDLULLUR
Unlock *ALL* built-in levels: UDUDUDLRLR
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