Чит коды на Warhammer 2:Dark Omen (PC)

Cheats #0
Type in the following cheats in the main-menu:
ATIMETOFIGHT   = Long March scene
BADBREATH      = Hand of Nagash scene
GROOVETOWN     = Meanwhile scene
LIGHTREADING   = Liber Mortis scene
OHDEAR         = Scene of dead
SMALLPEBBLE    = Jewel of Morrslieb scene
WELCOME        = Intro
WEWONTHEDAY    = Victory scene
WHITEGRAIL     = Black Grail scene

Cheats #1
Enter in main menu (only cheats):
-fudgeislush            ctrl+c+g  1000 gold
ctrl+c+e  some exp
-dontmesswithme         ctrl+c+m  magic items
ctrl+c+f  full exp
-bringemon              hold ctrl enemy units is under control
hold k all you missile units 100% to hit
hold w restoring mana

Cheats #2
At the main menu type this
Book cheat

CTRL C&G -add 1000 gc to cash
CTRL C&T -subtract 1000 gc from cash
CTRL C&E -increase selected unit's experience
CTRL C&U -Make selected unit unbreakable

Battle cheat

F12 -skip battle
Hold CTRL -enble selection of emery units
Hold K while firing -100% accuracy for selected ballistic unit
Press W -increase available magic points

ARTEFACTS IN WARHAMMER 2.    13 Horn of Urgok
01 Grudgerbringer Sword      14 Ring of Volans
02 Sword Skabskrath          15 Banner of Arkane Warding
03 Runefang                  16 Banner of Wrath
04 Hellfire Sword            17 Banner of Defiance
05 Stromsword                18 Mork War's Banner
06 Lighning Bolt             19 Staff of Osiris
07 Spellater Shield          20 Wand of Jet
08 Dragonhelm                21 Book of Ashur
09 Shield of Plotos          22 Bright Book
10 Enchanted Shield          23 Ice Book
11 Heart of Woe              24 Waargh Book
12 Potion of Strength        25 Dark Book
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