Чит коды на War Thunder (PC)

If you are facing a tank that is heavier than yours, see the section

If you are facing a tank that is lighter than yours in a small space,
or near a wall try to get the tank as they are pushing on you to roll
over your front and you will have complete control over where they go.

If you feel like it, drive them into a wall and shoot at their weak
underside armor. Like this poor German who got stuck between stalinium
and a hard place

If you are fighting on a hill and you are pushing upwards, you are in
danger, because normally your top armor is the weakest and your opponent
can hit it, back off and move to the left or right and let your opponent
slide down and expose their side armor.

If you are fighting downhill, which you are pushing downwards, Try to
drive over the top of the other tank and then spin around once you have
rolled off of them and hit them in the back, tanks like the KV1 are
vulnerable to this due to their poor turret rotation speed.
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