Чит коды на Viscera Cleanup Detail (PC)

To activate the console, press the tilde [~] ( located above [TAB]) 
and type one of following codes to activate the corresponding cheat 
God             - Makes you invincible. (Example: Guns on Revolutionary 
                  Robotics will shoot at, but not kill you.)
AllWeapons      - Gives you the Mop, Sniffer, and Laser Welder. (Currently 
                  this method causes the world model of the Laser Welder to 
                  glitch & become invisible, but it still functions as normal.)
AllAmmo         - Ammo
Fly             - Allows you to fly, but respects collision boundaries. 
                  "Walk" disables it.
Ghost           - Allows you to fly and clip through walls. "Walk" disables it.
Jump            - Makes the player jump.
KillNearestMess - Removes/deletes the closest splatter, giblet, body part, 
                  bullet hole, scar, and any other object considered 
                  to be a mess. Useful as a debug tool when the Sniffer 
                  pings something the player can't seem to reach.
Show Fog        - Toggles the display of fog.
Suicide         - Kills the player.
Summon [Class]  - Spawns objects by class 
                  (eg: "summon VisceraGameContent.VCDebris_Dynamite").
Teleport        - Moves the player to wherever the player is looking 
KillNearestNonMess - Removes/deletes the closest crate, barrel, 
                     clean disposal bin or bucket, tools lying around 
                     (broom, laser welder), and any other movable object 
                     that is not considered a mess by the Sniffer.
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