Чит коды на Vigilante 8 2nd Offense (PC)

Before you enter a cheat you need to go to OPTIONS, you will see 
a list of options press the A key on GAME STATUS then press the A 
key again. 
  Press the L and R key at the same time. At the bottom of the screen 
you will see white lines like this _ move the joystick on your 
controller up or down to change letters. When you have the cheat 
there press A to enter it. If you entered the cheat correctly you 
will hear someone say (Groovy or something like that). If you hear 
a "ping" sound you didnt enter the cheat right, but if you push A again 
the cheat will diseaper and you will need to enter it again. 
  To get back to the main menu press the B key 3 times. These cheats 
would only work for first player for me but it may work for you. 

LLA KCOLNU - unlocks all characters 
ELBICNIVNI - invincibility 
LLA DORTOH - max status 
GO MAX REZ - maxium rez (requires expansion pack) you have to 
           pause the game to turn on max rez 
RAPID FIRE - faster firing rate 
GO SLOW MO - slower game play 
JACK IT UP - higher suspensions 
             (note: JACK IT UP is hard to controll the cars) 
MORE SPEED - faster cars 
GO RAMMING - heaver cars 
QUICK PLAY - quick start in arcade mode 
HOME ALONE - play alone in arcade mode 
HIGH CEILING - hover higher (Note: the car does not hover, it stays 
                                   up higher when you go off a jump) 
NO GRAVITY - no gravity (Note: car dose not fly but is very hard to controll) 
GO MONSTER - big wheels 
LONG MOVIE - watch all endings 
             (Note: the watch all movies is about 10 or more long) 
DRIVE ONLY - no wheel attachments icons 
BLAST FIRE - super missles 
UNDER FIRE - attrack enemys (you become the prime target of all enemys) 
MIXED CARS - you can select the same cars in multi-player
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