Чит коды на Ultimate Paintball Challenge (PC)

Big Money & Better Weapons
Go into the guns.ini in the data folder of the game's directory.

Once in, change all the gun prices to -999999. Make sure that
you change all the guns to the same price!

Then start game, select tournament mode {go through choices until
you get to the Manage Team screen} pick one player and accept.
Then go to the Buy New Equipment screen. Then go to the Markers
screen and buy any gun and you will recieve the diffence in
cash back. Do this for each player you select for your team.

Also, if you want to switch to another gun later on, it should
cost you zero dollars. Now, for the guns: while in the guns.ini,
you can adjust the settings of each gun. The spin velocity,
muzzle velocity, shots per second, reload quantity, air, auto,
and scope {play around with numbers until you "tweak" your gun
the way you want it}. Example: If you change the "0" to a "1" on
the "auto" line, it will make that gun fully auto.

Note: you can't have auto and grenade on the same gun. It could
lock up the program or you won't be able to shoot anything---
paintballs or grenades.

Alter Gun Stats
First go to where you installed the game, default is the
activision folder in th C drive, then click on ultimate paintball
challenge folder, then open the data folder. There should be
a guns.ini item -- open it. From there you can change paintball
speed, Co2 intake, accuracy, etc.
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