Чит коды на Ultima Underworld 2 (PC)

( Labyrinth Of Worlds )

Pick up the UW2.EXE file, and edit it.  For infinite vitality, do the

Search for 26 80 7f 08 00 75 05
change to  eb 0a 90 90 90 75 05

Search for 26 80 7f 08 00 77 05
change to  eb 0a 90 90 90 77 05

And for infinite mana, try:

Search for 8a 57 37 b6 00 3b c2 7e 05
change to  8a 57 37 b6 00 3b c2 eb 05

here, also, is some fairly helpful hints.

Some potions can be harmful.  The colour gives you an idea of its effects.
~~~~~~    ~~~~~~
Yellow    Heal, lesser heal, or greater heal
Red       Cure poison
Purple    Resist blows, thick skin, iron flesh, flameproof, or Missile
Brown     Speed, or freeze time
Black     Invisibility
Clear     Regain mana, restore mana, mana boost, dispel hunger, Basilisk,
oil, or special
Green     Hallucination, or poison

Cutting off the sources of the gaurdians power is easy once you have the staff
from Altara.  But first you have to know where to strike.
SOURCE                LOCATION
~~~~~~                ~~~~~~~~
The Prison Tower       Level 8, where Bishop was held captive.
Killorn Keep           Level 2.  This can be found in a secret room under
the old barracks.
The Ice Caverns       Level 2, at the fountains in the frozen city of
Talorus                       Level 1, in the Bliy Skup Ductosnore production
The Mage Academy      Level 7, on the pentacle at the end of the Scintillius
The Pits of Carnage   Level 1.  You can find this in the room with trapdoor.
The Tomb of Praecor   Level 1, at the end of the caved-in entrance,
Loth  north-west of the start.
The Ethereal Voi      Level 1, in the Shrine of Spiratuality.

Also, if wishing to restore your character to before you died, try copying the
PLAYER.DAT file to another directory as well.  That way you don't lose
valuable characters.  This cheat can be also used in some other role playing
games like Rogue, and Moria.

It's also a good idea to learn to speak lizard - you can pick up alot.  So
here is a basic list of the Lizard vocabulary:

~~~~~~~~~~~     ~~~~~~~          ~~~~~~~~~~~      ~~~~~~~
Lizardman       English               bica                    hello, goodbye
'click                 no                'click-iriass        Sir Cabirus
eppa                  visit               isili               me
kri'kla               lurker            ossli                 enough
sor'click             stranger       sorr             enemy
sorra                 steal             sseth                 yes
sstresh               help             Thepa                  Lizardman
thes'click            hate             thesh                  like
thit                  need             tosa                   you
Urgo                  Murgo         yeshor'click     friend
yethe                 kill                 zekka              food
sel'a                 give

The spell VAS ORT YLEM can add some magic to your inventory.  This spell came
from Ultima Underworld 1.   So it may be worth trying some of the other spells
from Ultima Underworld 1.

The spell called Smite Foe destroys almost anything you come up against.  The
runes that you need are Vas Jux and Mani.  This may work in Ultima Underword 1

If you want a super powerful character copy the PLAYER.DAT file from one save
game directory to another. To do this play the game. let your character
improve in terms of experience points and abilities.  Save the game and quit
to DOS.  Copy the PLAYER.DAT file to a former save game directory.  Restart
the game and restore the saved game from the directory.  Following this
process you can reach a point where you can start at the beginning of the
game with an extremely powerful character kitted out with plenty of equipment.
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