Чит коды на Ultima Online: Renaissance (PC)

If you wanna earn money easily,go buy some belt pouches
(it costs 16gp)and sell them as trapped pounchs for 500gp.
Always do that when i need money.

If you ever been hard up for gold on UO, I've got a little scam 
that will make you some extra cash. What you do is go to 
a provisioner and buy the little brown books, and it can only 
be the brown ones. Once you have the books, open one up and change 
the title from "a book" to "a wallet (0 gold)". Once you've done 
that go find a newbie to sell it to. Convince them it is a very 
rare wallet but you'll sell it to them for a very low price. Then 
sell them the wallet (book) and walk away with your cash.
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