Чит коды на Ultima Online (PC)

The best way to gain money is ilegally but legally is saffer...
Choose your side!
Choose any character. If you're going ilegally it's often better
to use a thief and any other if you like to be a safe, legal
money gainer:

It's often better to tailor. Raise your tailor skill with a
tinker, but don't forget to save some money to buy some yards
of sheets, a sewing kit, scissors and yarns... Use the sewing
kit first, then the scissors and the rest as you intend.
Sell it to a clothes shop or something.

Write a book. That's what books are for. Then, sell to scribes.

Buy some scrolls, potions, runes and sell it. It often gives
you money.

Fight. Sell the bones, and the entrails of the animal/beast
and get some money!

There are more, but I'll let you to find out... :-)

The way to get the most money is to steal books from libraries
and sell it to scribes. You'll get 6-7gps per book, so it's a
good deal.

Find some PC and drag him/her to a place where you leave the
protection of Lord British's guards, then, KILL HIM/HER!!!
But look out! Although you can steal from him/her's dead body,
he/she may report you to the guards, so stay on the look out!

I found this nifty bug (or is it not?): find a place with rooms
and NPCs. Find an NPC near a room. Try to steal an object with
little or no value. Log off before you get killed. Log on.
When it gives you the chance of becoming a ghost or the
penalties, choose the panalties... TA-DAAAAA!! The NPC's
backpak is in the room and ready for the taking!
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