Чит коды на Ultima 7 (PC)

To load program type:


During the game press [F2] for the control screen and [F3] for a special
map of Britannia: click where you want be teleported.

Steal items:
Press [Alt] + [4] and click on a person to force them to drop 
all items. 

Hidden treasure room:
Start a new game after enabling the debug code. Locate the dead 
blacksmith's shop in the bottom left corner of the first town. 
Climb on the roof by using the crates. Walk to the back of the 
chimney to be transported to a secret treasure room with many 
magic and special items 

Start game with 'ultima ABCD' pressing alt-255 
where it is indicated rather than typing it.  
Use function keys inside game for various cheat options.

To see the end-game animation, ENDGAME ereiamjh

Free bread: 
If you are in a bakery, take some flour and put it in the fireplace. 
Within seconds, a loaf of bread will pop out. Repeat until you 
have enough bread to feed your characters. 

Send Lord British to an early grave: 
Wait around the castle courtyard until Lord British stands under 
the sign that reads ''Lord British's Throne Room.'' (this happens 
around noon in the game; check your pocketwatch if you don't  
know the game time). 
Double-click the sign and it will come loose, fall down, and 
embed itself in the good king's head.

Startup game : U7 ABCD[Alt]-[2][5][5] [Enter]
So, during the game you can press
[F2] for the Cheat Menu
[F3] for a teleport-map

Note : This doesn't work on some versions.
See the cheat on part 2 for more info !

For endanimation : ENDGAME ereiamjh [Enter]

For an even more interesting cheat, go to the Room of Ultimate Solutions.  
This room holds just about every object in the game and teleports to almost
anywhere that you'd want to go. To locate the room, go to the blacksmith's 
shop in the northwest part of Trinsic. Pile wooden boxes on top of each
other to build a ramp up to the shop's roof. Walk up the ramp to the 
eastern edge of the roof, on the far side of the chimney. Walk into 
the chimney.
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