Чит коды на UFO: Enemy Unknown (PC)

Start a new game, save it in slot one.  Quit, and enter your save directory,
back up BASE.DAT, and then go into debug, and do the following:
E 0116 08 0F 10 11 0D 02 02 02
E 011E 12 13 02 02 03 03 00 03
E 0126 03 03 07 07 07 07 0A 0C
E 012E 10 11 01 0A 10 11 12 13
E 0136 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00
E 013E 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00
E 0146 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00
E 014E 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00
E 0156 00 00 00 00 00 00

Reload your save game, and purchase 22 soldiers.  Save your game again, and
quit.  Re-enter the save directory and debug with:
e 0130 0A
e 015E FA FA

You should now have a rather fantastic base.

To gain loads of money, start a new game and save it in the first slot, exit
game.  Using a disk editor edit the file LIGLOB.DAT, which is found in the
\MPS\UFO\GAME_1 directory.  In the first line of data, type 00 E9 A4 35.

Now restart the game and load the saved game.  You will now have $900 million
to spend, run out go back and do the same again.....


If you want lots of everything besides money then try this out..

Simply, with any previously saved or new game, exit the game and type the
following, substituting the xx with a value between 00 and FF (00 to 255).

E 015E xx                         (Number Of Engineers)
E 015F xx                         (Number Of Scientists)
E 016A xx                         (Number Of Plasma Blasts)
E 017C xx                         (Number Of Hovertank/Launcher)
E 0196 xx                         ( "  " Rocket Launcher)
E 019A xx                         ( "  " Large Rocket)
E 01A2 xx                         ( "  " Heavy Lasers)
E 01B0 xx                         ( "  " PSI Amp)
E 01B2 xx                         ( "  " Stun Rod)
E 01D8 xx                         ( "  " Elerium 115)
E 0202 xx                         ( "  " UFO Navigation)
E 0210 xx                         ( "  " Alien Alloys)
E 0214 xx                         ( "  " Flying Suits)
E 021E xx                         ( "  " HWP Fusion Bomb)

Even though by using this cheat you will have the items in question, to use
most of them you will still need to do research on them but there is no need
for manufacturing as you will already have them !!!

Using this cheat you also help yourself to get load of money, simply equip
yourself with maximum of all the items and then sell them off, keep doing
this until you have hordes of money.
To put an end to your money problems empty a Transport Craft of all personnel
and send it to an alien location (such as a crash site or enemy base).  Land
and the game will hang up so press ESC or F1 a few times until it says cannot
find someting or other.  Loading will resume but your previous Battle-win
screen and score will load also.  Feel free to repeat but make sure that you
have fought at least one battle beforehand.

Save your game and quit to DOS.  Edit the file LIGLOB.DAT and type FF FF FF
7F at the beginning of the file.  Save the file and reload.  You are showered
with two billion dollars.  If you're short of any other transferable item
such as Elertium-115 transfer one unit to each base.  Save your game.  Edit
the file TRANSFERS.DAT.  Replace 01 with FF 10 on every offset.  Save and
return to the game for 4000 units.
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