Чит коды на U.R.B.A.N The Cyborg Project (PC)

Start the game and type them in!
NOTE: They might cause the game to crash so use at your own risk!

Code                Result
LINUSISGOD        - The player becomes immortal for a while
INUXRULES         - The player receives full health
VOLATILE          - You get the flamethrower
ILIKETOSKATE      - You get the Ice-weapon, brrr...
KABLAM            - Ahh...the grenade-launcher
STARTREKFOREVER   - Plasma and Startrek goes hand in hand
LETSROCK          - The minigun!
SITINTHECHAIR     - The electric-gun
FIREAWAY          - You get 1000 rounds for your current weapon
TALKINGTODEATH    - All weapons gets 1000 rounds of ammo
THENIDIE          - Max-ammo for all weapons
NVTRULES          - You get all the weapons availible
LETMEIN           - All keycards - no more looking!
THERECANBEONLYONE - Clear the current level
TIMETODIE         - hmm...player can kill by touch
MICROSOFT         - Player dies a horrible death
RETURNOFMRA       - Issues an airstrike at the current location!

If you have enabled cheat codes (./configure --enable-cheat-codes):
F3-F8 :Enables weapons
F9    :Makes you immortal for a while
A     :Increases the ammo
Q     :Decreases the ammo
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